Moon Rover Games is a game development studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded by experienced developers who've spent decades working on blockbuster franchises such as Battlefield, Far Cry, Star Wars Battlefront, Tom Clancy's The Division, and Mirror's Edge, and who eventually decided to strike out on their own to explore new, exciting worlds and new ways to create them.
Our first game is an ambitious cooperative action game built around a new IP and designed to generate unique, emergent gameplay stories that players can truly make their own.

A human-sized studio with big ambition

We aim to create engaging, high-quality experiences while still remaining “human-sized”, and to do so we're building a studio where everyone is welcome and where you will personally know all your colleagues. Each individual will be empowered to have real impact on the project, and not just feel like a mere cog in an impersonal machine.

Creative generosity

We believe that the creative process requires openness and generosity in order to create the best game possible whilst also having fun building it together. To foster this generosity, we believe everyone should be able to give and receive input no matter what their craft or experience is, enabling us to create the best game possible while also having fun building it together.

Laser focus on the game experience

Our purpose is to craft groundbreaking, unique moments of gameplay that will live forever in the hearts and minds of our players. We want to enable our developers to fashion those experiences uninterrupted and to the utmost extent of their vision and expertise - we will use existing tools and technology whenever possible and develop from scratch only when it will bring the most value for our creators and players.


Moon Rover is hiring, so come and join us on our journey to create the next generation of cooperative action games! Our office is located in Stockholm and for the time being our roles are all located on-site.
Employment with Moon Rover includes benefits such as private healthcare, a pension scheme, and 6 weeks of paid vacation per year.
To find out more about what positions are currently available, head over to our jobs page: